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    Cash Bath Bombs

    Feelin’ lucky? Try your luck with our Cash Bath Bombs! Win a mystery cash prize in every candle, every single time. Every candle will receive a minimum of a genuine $2 bill INSIDE THE BATH BOMB; and how often do you see those around? Every Cash Bath Bomb has a cash prize ranging from the minimum of $2 to all the way to $2,500!  The most amount of ACTUAL cash you can win in your candle is up to a $100 bill. If you win over $100 you get a $2 bill plus a code that you can redeem for your GRAND prizes which can be up to the $2500! Just run a bath & plop your Cash Bath Bomb in, and find your cash prize inside!

    We love the novelty of the $2 bill, so no matter what your winnings are in your Cash Bath Bomb, you will always have a real $2 bill in EVERY Cash Bath Bomb! Every bath bomb is a winner because you are GUARANTEED to get at least a (1) $2 dollar bill in your Cash Bath Bomb!

    *Important to note that our Cash Bath Bombs are merely a novelty item and other than the guaranteed $2 bill that you will get in each bath bomb, we do not give odds on getting anymore than that amount! It is totally randomized!


    We use all natural coconut oils in our bath bombs so PLEASE BE CAREFUL in the tub as the tub can be slippery due to the oils!  

    Keep out of reach of children!