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Gifts For Her - Gifts for Women - Gift ideas for Women!

Gifts For Her - Gifts for Women - Gift ideas for Women!

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Wine Bottle Candles - Wine Candles - Recycled Wine Candles

Wine Bottle Candles - Wine Candles - Recycled Wine Candles

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Wholesale Bath Bombs With Rings Inside

Wholesale Bath Bombs With Rings Inside

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Jewelry & Cash Bath Bombs

The Experience

Imagine slipping into the warm embrace of a soothing tub of water. A bath bomb only heightens the decadence of a long, hot soak. When dropped into the water, a pleasant fragrance is released to lull your senses into complete surrender to the moment. These softball-sized bath bombs are so large, they can be cut in half and used twice.

The bath bomb fizzes, releasing emollients that soften and rejuvenate the skin. Jewelry and cash bath bombs add an extra little surprise into an already blissful experience. This spa-like indulgence is sure to take the edge off the most stressful day, and create a most welcome retreat.

Novelty Two-in-One Bath Gifts

In addition to the bath bomb products known exclusively as a colorful and fragrant addition to any bath, also offers unique items with prizes hidden inside like the popular jewelry bath bombs and cash bath bombs. The treasures are revealed as the bomb fizzes away, colorful and fragrant.

In a world where technology and the demands of life contribute to high stress levels, offers the type of relaxing spa-like gift that adds joy to life. Reminiscent of bygone days when quality was a required ingredient for any gift-worthy treasures, there is something magical about the appeal of novelty bath bombs.

What could be better than the sparkle of a gorgeous gem hidden inside one of the lovely jewelry bath bombs. These handmade, high-quality items represent a return to a level of personal care and luxury that is hard to replicate by mass production competitors. A bath has never been so much fun.

Cash Bath Bombs

It is no surprise that the cash bath bomb has become popular. Who can resist the cash prize hidden inside? It’s like playing the lottery, only less stressful since everybody wins. Cash gifts  range from $2 to $2,500. Two-dollar bills are guaranteed in every bath bomb.

Jewelry Bath Bombs

Popular jewelry bath bombs represent the perfect gift that keeps on giving, long after the water has been drained from the tub. Combining spa time and gorgeous jewelry makes perfect sense. Rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings can be hidden inside a bath bomb, revealed dramatically as the bath bomb fizzes away. Bundles and Packs

For discriminating shoppers seeking the perfect gift, there is no shortage of choices. With an array of products and bundles to select from, there is sure to be something to satisfy everyone. Bundles and packs combine different products offering special value to customers with a variety of appetites.

As a conscientious company with the highest production standards, makes sure that only ethically sourced, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients are used. The ingredients in the colorful bath bombs are safe. They act as a moisturizer that is good for the skin and also won’t stain your tub. offers the perfect accent gift to the long hot soak all women desire. Jewelry bath bombs, cash bath bombs and other selections send the message, you deserve the best. Relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the moment. Check out the selection at today.