Bath Bombs Recipe

Bath Bombs Recipe

Bath Bombs Recipe

lush bath bomb recipe


I love making my own beauty products, especially ones for pampering myself like this body scrub and this foot mask. It’s so nice to relax with the health benefits of natural ingredients like epsom salts and essential oils. Plus, it feels even better to save money by making them myself!

Bath bombs are a great way to pamper yourself. A lovely scent, soft skin, and soothing fizz all-in-one. :-) This fizzy goodness for your bathwater was recently made uber popular by Bath Bombs carries beautiful bath bombs in every color and scent! The bad news? Just one bomb costs $6.95! I wanted to make some Lush-inspired bath bombs for gifts, but first I had to find the perfect recipe!

So I decided it was time to figure out how to master the bath bomb making process once and for all. I also wanted to improve on my last recipe, by adding color, fun scents, epsom salts, and trying some different sizes. I tried a few recipes and finally started getting consistent results with this recipe from Instructables. :-)

Without further ado, here is everything you need to know about making fizzy, fun, scented, moisturizing bath bombs!


Basic Bath Bomb Recipe

Dry Ingredients:

  • 8 oz Baking Soda – Just under 1 cup (I suggest measuring your dry ingredients with a kitchen scale, because you want precise amounts! If that’s not an option for you, I’ve provided volumetric measurements, too – just know that they are approximate.)
  • 4 oz Epsom Salts – A slightly heaping 1/2 cup
  • 4 oz Citric Acid – 1/2 cup
  • 4 oz Corn Starch – 3/4 cup

Wet Ingredients:

Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl. I suggest using a whisk to break down any clumps and make sure all the ingredients are well mixed.


Combine the wet ingredients in a small mason jar and close the lid. Shake vigorously to mix in the food coloring – you want every drop of liquid to be colored.


SLOWLY pour the colored liquid into the dry ingredients, while mixing. If you add too much at once, you’ll hear the mixture begin to fizz – stir it up quickly to stop the fizzing.



Press the mixture into molds. I used muffin pans and a measuring spoon, after my silicone molds didn’t cut it. You have to pack the mixture very tightly, and the silicone molds bend and distort too easily.


To get the size of Lush bath bombs, you need to fill a standard-sized muffin 3/4 full, but the smaller ones crumble less and look just as cute! :-) To make them even cuter, you can add dried herbs or rose petals in the bottom of the muffin pans.


Right after you press the mixture into the molds, take them out and let dry outside of the mold. Bonus – they make your house smell so good! I live in a dry area, so they were ready to go in just a few hours, but I would let them dry overnight to be safe.


A few tips on storing them:

  • Don’t seal your bath bombs in an airtight container. They release air and a sealed baggie or container will bulge and eventually pop open! These cute little cellophane gift bags are perfect, and they’re ready to be gifted :-)


Some ideas for colors and scents:

  • Purple food coloring with lavender and a drop of peppermint essential oil. The lavender is relaxing while the peppermint provides a tingle for sore muscles.
  • Yellow food coloring with lemon and wild orange essential oils. This citrus blend is great for an energizing morning bath!
  • Green food coloring with lemongrass, rosemary and thyme essential oils. An herbal blend that’s great for your hair.
  • Blue food coloring with eucalyptus and lavender essential oils. This blend is so relaxing and smells like a spa.
  • Red food coloring with rose essential oil. I haven’t tried this version yet, but rose is so soothing!

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  • Amber Hatton